Company activities overview

Bidpremium is active since 2008 on the market of proximity communication to mobile devices, with a background acquired since 2005 with the development of the first marketing solutions to mobile phones / smartphones using Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, NFC. Today Bidpremium devotes most of its resources to research and development of solutions for the industry based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. Bidpremium focuses in particular on markets for which it is convinced that its solution offers the greatest advantages in terms of functionality and implementation in order to achieve objectives such as quality growth, cost reduction and optimisation of production line times.

Relationships of strategic importance

We seek to develop and exploit relationships with the various players in these sectors, such as hardware manufacturers, who can guarantee performance for technologies such as Machine Learning, and system integrators with a high degree of knowledge of cameras, which are necessary for these types of applications. We believe that such strategic relationships will give us access to new emerging technologies and standards, strengthening and increasing our market presence.

Artificial intelligence

An important role is played by projects that allow combinations of hardware and software to develop operations that fall within the sphere of Artificial Intelligence, fulfilling a series of tasks that are necessary but time-consuming for the operators, streamlining them and allowing the same operators to devote themselves instead to processes with greater added value.

Such technologies within production imply greater control over the processes themselves, allowing all the data collected and processed to be exchanged or stored for future use.

A virtuous cycle of continuous improvement of the production process assisted by technology is thus set up, but also the possibility for these platforms to gain experience, which even allows them to learn and even improve their performance.

We analyse and design

We implement and manage